Here in Lexington, mornings start with a winding country road and the glorious panorama of the Blue Ridge and Alleghenies. But first they start with coffee -- and this brisk breakfast blend is the local favorite.

  • Tasting Notes
  • Roast Level: Blend of medium and dark

  • Aroma: Sweet cocoa

  • Flavor: Chocolate, cherry and nut

  • Acidity: Medium

  • Body: Creamy

  • Finish: Syrupy chocolate

12 oz Blue Ridge Blend

  • Lexington coffee roasts based on specific need to maintain maximum freshness. All orders MUST be placed by Tuesday's at 3 p.m. to be shipped the same week.

    If your order is not placed by Tuesday at 3 p.m. then your order will be roasted freshly and sent out on the following Monday afternoon. We only serve the freshest coffee and this is how we do it! Thank you for understanding!