Region: Western Highlands, Nyamasheke

Elevation: 1700-2000m

Variety: bourbon

Process: washed

Tasting Notes: lime, blackberry, cola

Single Origin


This coffee comes to us from the 799 farmers that deliver coffee to the Karambi Central Washing Station. This station was built in 2016 by exporter Rwacof - it is the only washing station they have built from the ground up and is therefore a state of the art facility. Quality control is stringent and cherries are hand sorted after being delivered. Our importer partner Sucafina has recently launched a farmgate initiative to further combat historically low market prices by providing an avenue for roasters to tack on specialty premiums that go directly back to the farmers. This coffee is fully traceable to the specific families who contributed cherry to the station and all contributions are tracked daily. 

12 oz Rwanda Karambi