The Grind offers the largest variety of small business craft roasts along the Appalachian trail & east coast. We have partnered with and are continuing to partner with numerous café roasters around the region to provide us with their taste of home. Each batch is roasted in their establishment and shipped to us directly.  We are standing by ready to pour you a fresh brewed cup.


The Appalachian Spirit is all about innovation, self-reliance, right? That's why we want to go a step further and revolutionize the coffee experience. Why just serve all this great craft roast coffee in house? Why not offer it directly to you at wholesale prices? That’s what we’re doing.


Our online store will feature the flavors of Appalachia as well as regional samplings that will allow you to order from small businesses directly, subscribe to coffee plans, and check out a variety of options that fit you. We want your coffee to become more personal. 


Regional Roasters

  • Brugh Coffee Co, Christiansburg, VA
  • 25/30 Espresso, Fredricksburg, VA
  • Lexington Coffee Roasters, Lexington, VA
  • Lamplighter Coffee Roasters, Richmond, VA
  • Miller House Coffee, VA Beach
  • Getting close.....
  • Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Bethesda, MD
  • Vigilant Hope Roasting, Wilmington, NC